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ForeSeas Engineering experts offer a complete solution to any pump management system, from consulting during design to ensuring safe and efficient operation of equipment over time. Our focus on the system starts with a commitment to building the industry’s best engineering and technology organization.

ForeSeas Engineering boasts more than well trained engineers to address every aspect of the flow management system, with emphasis on either aftermarket of new equipment competencies. These resources can remotely synchronize with customers to analyze and resolve issues or they can be deployed on-site for expanded periods, if necessary.

Whether in the early stages of feasibility studies or early stages of construction or during system redesign, ForeSeas Engineering engineers can be available on-site or remotely to ensure of proper sizing and application of pumping equipment while also ensuring optimized system design.

ForeSeas Engineering recognizes the importance of providing the best total pump solution for Front-End Engineering Design either at offshore or greenfield or brownfield projects in an evolving world. We align closely with customers facing challenges with in-country localization,  and changing market segments, among other issues.

Customers are always under increasing pressure to complete projects with a tight budget, smarter and faster.

ForeSeas Engineering can provide the resources to manage even the most complex project from start to finish. ForeSeas Engineering engineers can be engaged remotely or on-site to support grass roots project planning, system design or project management requirements. Contact ForeSeas Engineering for your flow solution engineering needs.

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ForeSeas Engineering can provide system, plant and equipment engineering services at various stages of a flow management project. Specialized services for pump and mechanical seal engineering support are also available.


With extensive hands-on experience, ForeSeas Engineering is committed to provide the highest quality in after market services. Our expertise solutions can provide exceptional services for a wide range of equipment, which is designed to improve both efficiency and lifespan in a cost effective manner.

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ForeSeas Engineering provides field engineering services to both domestic and international customers. To supervise pump installation work and equipment commissioning, ForeSeas Engineering ensures all pumping equipment can meet customer expectations.

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ForeSeas Engineering can provide experienced engineers who can advise on pumping equipment and its related systems. Advice on long term and short term maintenance requirement can be given. We also provide a range of training solutions to cater for specific plant operation.

ForeSeas Engineering is also able to support customers with a comprehensive range of spare parts.

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