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We started as a humble pump trading company in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Now we are expanding our expertise as a global provider of engineering, design, systems provider and services to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Energy, Water Supply, Chemical and General Industries. Our expertise brings new innovation into various industries and makes the most of efficiencies for sustainability and cost optimization.

ForeSeas Engineering embraces improvement and technology advancement in an effort to create a sustainable future. We put cost effective and engineering excellence first. We strive for honesty and integrity in all that we do.

We provide customer with pumping equipment and design solution, ranging from concept studies and front-end engineering to the final product. We carry out maintenance and modification work and provide services during operations as well as deliver solutions to complex pumping challenges.

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Our Vision

Building on almost 25 years of technological and engineering excellence, ForeSeas Engineering is at the forefront in forging a sustainable future for the various industries and the world it serves. A spirit of collaboration and openness is at the heart of this effort as we set new standards and solve new challenges.

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Our Values

Integrity is the core of our values. It guides how we connect with our customers and our knowledge. It shapes how we build up our people and teams through direct dialogue and encourages a hands-on management to ensure we deliver quality results.

  • Customer oriented
  • Professionalism mindset
  • Team player
  • Open and direct dialogue
  • Hands-on management
  • Delivering quality results
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Our Way

ForeSeas Engineering way is shaped by pioneering pumping expertise that spans more than two decades. It emphasizes our dedication to pump engineering perfection as we expand globally from our origins in Malaysia.

Reliability is the fundamental to the ForeSeas Engineering way. It underpins our values, guides our behavior and shapes our dedication. It is at the very core of the products and services we provide.

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Our Expertise

We create solutions to unlock the full potential of a pumping system safely and sustainability for future generations.

From a simple bareshaft pump to a complex skid system and concept to commissioning fully functional system. Our technical expertise and quality product provide our customers with what they need to assure all their pumping needs are met. Combined with our long history of pumping experience including engineering for the most challenging process, our approach delivers superior pump solution to our customers across the world.


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