ITC™ was established in 1988 and manufacture dosing pumps and dosing control equipment in Barcelona, Spain. ITC™ is committed towards innovative and quality products with service support reaching all users throughout the world.

ITC™’s Multifertic range of pumps are modular dosing pumps that can be either piston or diaphragm configuration with independent injection by means of positive return system that is exclusive to ITC™. A maximum of 4 pump heads can be configured to inject several different products concurrently or to increase the injection flow.


The reciprocating pumps manufactured can be divided into 3 categories: electric motor driven, hydraulically driven and electromagnetic driven pumps. Both the DOSTEC and EFR range of pumps consist of diaphragm and piston dosing pumps while the TEKDOS FP range of pumps are designed according to API 675 standards and ATEX certified (upon request).

The TEKDOS series are heavy duty plunger packed pumps designed for continuous operation in extreme conditions. The maximum pressure it can produce is 370 bar with both linearity and steady state accuracy of ±1%. Designed according to API 675 standard, ATEX compliance is available upon request.


Both FERTIC and ECOFERTIC hydraulic pumps are designed for injection of liquid or water-soluble fertilizers into the irrigation water. They are compact designed with no external parts visible and connection to hoses are positioned for easy access.


ITC™’s DOSTEC series are either piston or diaphragm dosing reciprocating pumps with positive displacement for dosing chemical products with high yield rate and precisions. They allow many injection possibilities depending on the pump head selection. The DOSTEC AC series of pumps have additional advanced control panel allowing pulse control, batch control and ModBus supervisory control.



All DOSITEC series are equipped with their integrated control system for ease of control of a compact system. The DOSITEC MF and DOSITEC Q range are piston dosing pumps while the DOSITEC PRC, DOSITEC mA, DOSITEC MD and DOSITEC MP are all diaphragm dosing pumps.

ITC™’s mixers are equipped with turbine agitator which is exclusively designed by ITC™. With 6 jets in total, 3 of which creates centrifugal force, where it effectively moves the liquid in a radial circular motion. The other 3 jets are located axially to create stirring movement at the bottom of the tank. With these combinations, continuous agitation can be achieved effectively.

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